atvise® SCADA: Pure Web

SCADA software in pure web technology for monitoring and control of your facilities. Modern. Secure. Robust. Scalable. Pure Web.

100% Pure Web

From the very start, atvise® SCADA software was developed as the first professional HMI SCADA system on the basis of web standards such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and SVG. Only these technologies are displayed and executed by all the common web browsers without plugins. How this does benefits you?

  • No Plugins – You just need a web browser to open SCADA web client
  • No client software installation, licensing or maintenance – web browsers are always available
  • Responsive Design – visualize and control your plant from your Smartphone with comfort… and without duplicating designs
  • Multilanguage – every user can access open a scada web application in their language through web browsers 
  •  SVG – High quality vector graphics for a clean visualization without “pixelated” effect
  • Highest security – As secure as your bank due to the most modern and advanced security standards, such as SSL/TLS
  • Future proof – atvise® uses the standards such as HTML5, CSS3 and SVG to ensure you always have a modern and updated SCADA industrial system. Nobody can imagine a future without web browsers!