atvise® SCADA: Design

Engineering tool atvise Builder included by default in all atvise licenses.
Easy. Intuitive. Drag & Drop. OPC UA. Advanced.

Vertical Objects

Object Oriented Engineering in general reduces efforts to parametrise plants and industrial processes to the minimum. atvise® SCADA system offers object oriented engineering directly in OPC UA, transcending all the levels of the industrial automation pyramid, and even the manufacturers.

Exploit the available data structure in your OPC UA data sources or SCADA devices and simply make instances of them. You will have integrated whole lines and areas of your industrial process in minutes.

Easy to use

Like any other design tool, as more level and experience you have, more powerful applications you can build:

– Beginners: Build your designs using the predefined dynamics of atvise®: Quick Dynamics

– Professionals: Use the Simple Dynamics to bind events to tags, create animations, open pop up displays with details, and much more.

– Experts: Parametrisation and Scripting (server side and client side) in Javascript. Nothing will stop, you will be able to design everything at this point.

Graphics and Object Library

Even complex controls like alarm list or history list have been created as SVG from the scratch. This offers a completely clear visualization, no matter the size of the screen or the zoom that you apply to the SCADA web client.

Preconfigured standard objects library included as SVG for industrial monitoring and control. Drag & Drop! Just choose components and drop them into the display.

Project navigation layouts also included by applying modern HMI SCADA philosophy, changeable by the user to be customized, corporative and coherent with the project.

More features

Script Editor for programming in Javascript, both for client side and server side scripts

· Publish your design and the web clients will update automatically, with no need to stop services

· Incredibly easy to use. Create dynamics and advanced parametrisations with few clicks

· Functions to develop with comfort: grid, snap to grid, arrange, distribute, zoom and much more

· Drawing tools included: polygons, lines and more

· Native graphic SVG editor – no external format files

· Widgets, keys, text entries, labels, check boxes, switches and more components

· Professional design functions: gradients, opacity, predefined styles and more

· Drag & Drop! Just choose components and drop them into the display

· Create faceplates and templates combined with indirect addressing for a highly efficient design process

· And much more

Exclusive use of standards and open formats allows you to integrate and exchange objects with other extensions:

· Extend your HMI SCADA web application with web browsers compatible technologies: HTML, SVG, Javascript, videos, maps, and more

· Use graphics from foreign applications: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Visio, CAD and others