atvise® SCADA: Features

SCADA applications for all needs. Visualization. Control. Historian.
Alarming. Dashboards. Scripting. Everything you need.


  • Alarming – Advanced alarms and conditions management with options to notify users, for example by email
  • Historian – atvise® SCADA software includes a high performance historian in all the available licenses. You can also access your historical data with external tools through OPC UA HA
  • Highcharts – The most advanced trending tool in web technology included in all licenses
  • Access and operation security – Users, groups and rights management compatible with external user provides such as Microsoft Active Directory. Events archive available for audit trail.
  • Encryption – Secure communications with OPC data sources and web clients through SSL
  • Powerful scripting engine – Freedom to build any advanced application using Javascript. Scripting engine is included, both for client and server, in all atvise® SCADA licenses by default.
  • Resources library – Graphic components for monitoring and control, charts, dashboards, tables, and much more.

Download atvise® SCADA softwre and try these and other powerful functionalities!