atvise® SCADA: OPC UA

SCADA system with OPC UA in its DNA. Secure. Robust. Reliable. Standard. OPC UA.


OPC UA is a generic information model with the goal of providing a uniform means of communication across the entire automation pyramid. With a focus on platform independence, security and expandability, OPC UA has been chosen as the communication standard for machine-to-machine communication as well as for the industrial internet of things in the context of the Industry 4.0 movement.

atvise® offers a record-breaking interoperability and SCADA network communication:

  • Data exchange with equipment, systems and software from different manufacturers, even in different networks or through the Internet
  • OPC UA client and server for real-time data, historical data, methods, alarms and conditions. Share EVERYTHING through OPC UA
  • Vertical Objects: Object Oriented Engineering that transcends the automation pyramid levels, and even manufacturers, due to OPC UA technology in the core of the software
  • Historical data and alarm synchronization among different atvise® servers, or even different systems, And much more

Connect also with propietary industrial protocols such as Siemens or Modbus through atvise® Connect, and deliver the data to atvise® SCADA in OPC UA.

For more protocols or SCADA devices, our partners Matrikon OPC and vNode Automation can provide compatible solutions with atvise® SCADA. Contact us to help you to define the best connectivity architecture for your project.