Motion Control and its benefits for the industry

Technology is often associated with the pursuit of excellence. Improvement of products and services, costs reduction and time optimization are some of the reasons that explain the existence of new types of systems such as Motion Control.

This situation is not an exception in the field of industry. Car manufacturers, for example, are in a constant struggle to increase productivity and improve financial results. One way to achieve this is through improving product quality. The automotive industry knows that quality is a determining factor for success. Therefore, the appearance of quality control systems in manufacturing processes is increasingly common.

What is Motion Control?

Motion Control is a technology that allows the faithful reproduction of a person’s movements to a system of cables and motors. It is the management of servo industrial mechanisms in which speed, labor, location and other factors can be controlled. The potential of the production system is enormous and its advantages are undeniable. It is a resource to take another step in the new industrial revolution.

Motion Control and optimization of industrial processes

What is done today in four hours of work, tomorrow could be done in one. In fact, the use of a quality control mechanism in a manufacturing process could lead to a cost reduction of 10% in a period of six months. The cost reduction is due to the elimination of human errors, preparation time and repair of equipment.

Almost all industrial companies have the need to optimize their production processes. Over the course of many years, engineers have been developing manual quality control systems, which are used in engine testing, parts manufacture and assembly areas


atvise® SCADA is adaptable to any type of industry and sector, allowing you to run live reports and visualize past actions and future actions through the predictive capacity system that it implements in its core.


Siemens Motion Control: Generalized System/Solution

Siemens continues to be a leader in providing intelligent solutions for global industry and manufacturing. With the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new uses of Big Data, it makes sens to offer advantages in Motion Control.

MindApps use the ability of artificial intelligence to obtain information that helps operators make process control decisions, rather than so-called human experts, which represent a waste of time and money.

Motion Control System Applications

They are mainly used to improve plant productivity, simplifying processes such as automation and process control in food, plastics, pharmaceuticals, polymers, energy and other industries. These are tools that use artificial intelligence to identify patterns of data that are in the form of an image, a video, an analog, digital or text signal, and make decisions according to the identified pattern.
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