atvise® scada

Sistema de monitorización y control con tecnología web pura

Atvise® SCADA

Pure Web Technology

Avoid the headaches of installing software on all monitoring and control clients, configuring them, keeping their version updated, avoiding changes in the operating system, licensing them, and much more.

Atvise® scada only needs a web browser to launch a client! No ActiveX, no Java, no Silverlight… no plugin required.

In addition, atvise® scada includes responsive designs by default, so that the same design automatically adapts to the screen resolution of a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.


License without limit of functionalities

Atvise® scada’s CCD-based licensing allows all these functionalities to be always available. It doesn’t matter how small or big your facility is. If you need a SCADA system, you need at least the following applications:

  • Real-time display and control
  • Remote access via web browser
  • Unlimited users
  • Historization
  • Analysis and trends
  • Monitoring and sending alarms
  • Connectivity through communication standards
  • Dashboards and KPIs


The software’s pure web technology and its licensing model make it 100% scalable. You can set up systems with a single local server in the plant, systems in the cloud collecting information from other remote data collection systems, or set up a distributed system in cascade with multiple atvise® scada servers.

In addition, being based on the OPC UA standard and having vertical object engineering, integration with systems from any industrial sector is much simpler, faster and more efficient.

Online Engineering

The atvise® builder engineering tool allows the integrator or developer to create and modify projects from anywhere thanks to remote access by OPC UA, which means savings in travel for testing and commissioning.

Furthermore, atvise® scada is not only object oriented, but supports vertical object engineering via OPC UA. Take advantage of existing objects in PLCs or OPC servers and expand them vertically to monitoring and control applications.

Data acquisition and application design have never been so simple and efficient.

Operating system to suit you

More and more users are opting for software for Linux operating systems, although Windows continues to dominate the market.

Choose the one you prefer, you can install the atvise® scada server on both Linux and Windows.

Web Hot Standby Redundancy

atvise® scada is the first Pure Web SCADA to offer Hot Standy redundancy:

  • Two servers. One primary and one secondary that are always in sync.
  • Simple configuration, just indicate that one of the servers is secondary.
  • 100% identical projects on both servers. If the primary server goes down, the secondary is ready.
  • Both servers have a data buffer, so that no information is lost during changes.
  • The server change is completely transparent for web clients.
  • Supports redundancy management of third-party OPC UA and DA servers.
  • Supports network redundancy.